Why Study with CTi?

Funding Available

Want to study but don't have the cash? We are a Commonwealth Government approved VET FEE-HELP provider and have access to state funding programs.

Positive Outcomes

A qualification from Capital Training Institute is your ticket to a great future. 97% of our graduates are employed in an industry related to their chosen field of study.

Inclusive Inclusive

We are proud to provide a safe, respectful and engaging learning environment for students of all backgrounds.

Engaging Learning

Studying at Capital Training Institute is anything but boring! We have created a learning environment that is student focused and outcome orientated.

Quality Education

Our learning programs have been designed by highly credentialed educators and have been audited by the Commonwealth Government appointed regulator, ASQA, under the VET Quality Framework.

Reload Industry Informed

Through industry consultation we ensure our students leave Capital Training Institute with a current relevant industry informed education.


Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)

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Certificate IV in Building and Construction


Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Site Management)

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Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)

As you move through the construction ranks, you'll need the ability to oversee work critically...

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Diploma of building and construction


Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)

Learn the basics of management ...

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Advanced diploma of building and construction


Certificate III in Business Administration

Want to become the office go-to? Interested in helping run a tight ship? We can show you how!...

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Certificate III in Business Administration course


Certificate IV in New Small Business

Operating a sustainable and profitable small business is all about getting the right processes...

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Certificate IV in New Small Business


Certificate IV in Business Administration

Administration skills ensure that businesses stay organised and run efficiently.

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Certificate IV in Business Administration


Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

Developing skills and knowledge is an important path for emerging project managers to learn.

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Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

Certificate in Change Management

Are you a quick adaptor? Ready to guide others through a major organisational shift?

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Certificate in change management


Diploma of Business

We know you’re an expert in your field and can work on site with...

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There are many training providers and courses. You will find that our institute and our courses are different. We recognise that you will bring a unique set of life experiences into the classroom. Our learning programs aim to build upon and add to your existing skills and experience to ensure you succeed in the workforce.

Open to everyone, public courses are perfect for school leavers or anyone looking to get their career off to the right start.

Are you currently working and have a broad range of experience? You could complete a fast-tracked program and get qualified sooner.

Want your education to work around you? Our online learning programs are perfect for independent learners with busy schedules.

Latest from CTI


Asbestos Awareness Training

Learn all about the dangers of Asbestos.
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Handle Construction Materials (Manual Handling)

Become an expert in manual handling of construction materials and avoid injuries to you and your...
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Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol - RSA

Complete your RSA unit of competency with CTI and get started in the Hospitality industry right...
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Provide Responsible Gambling Services - RSG

Get involved in the Hospitality industry with an RSG certificate with CTI. 
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Work Safely in the Construction Industry (White Card)

Obtain a white card to get started in the construction industry. 
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Providing high-quality, flexible and inclusive training experiences that generate lifelong-learning partnerships and add value to participants’ and their colleagues’ career options.


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