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Why Study with CTi?

There are many training providers and courses. You will find that our institute and our courses are different. We recognise that you will bring a unique set of life experiences into the classroom. Our learning programs aim to build upon and add to your existing skills and experience to ensure you succeed in the workforce.

Open to everyone, public courses are perfect for school leavers or anyone looking to get their career off to the right start.

Are you currently working and have a broad range of experience? You could complete a fast-tracked program and get qualified sooner.

Want your education to work around you? Our online learning programs are perfect for independent learners with busy schedules.

  • Damon Smith reviews CTI


    Meet Damon Smith

    Damon Smith is the well-deserving winner of the CTI National Graduate Grant in 2014. He’s been working within facilities management and the construction industry for over 15 years. 
    I Chose CTI … “mainly because of the course content, and the time at which the course was run. It’s after hours, so it works with my work schedule.”
    “I enjoyed the learning environment. I was on a CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) course with people I currently worked with or had known previously – which made for a great learning environment.”
    “I liked the way the Diploma was pulled together; it was really tailored to suit your personal needs. Our tutor went through the group and worked out our strengths and weaknesses to make sure our training was tailored.”