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10675NAT - Asbestos Awareness

Why do you need your 10675NAT?

Since 2011 according to the work health and safety act, all individuals who work in fields that may potentially involve contact with asbestos. Are required to have 10675NAT also known as Asbestos Awareness. These occupations are listed as, - Builders - Plumbers - Bricklayers - Stonemasons - Architects - AC Mechanics. - Civil Engineers - Scaffolders - Roof tilers

 Asbestos compliance law Act

How is the training delivered?

Asbestos awareness training courses are not able to be done online, strict face-to-face delivery policy is required for the 10675NAT. Our training courses are conducted by experienced trainers who have previously working with Asbestos.

How much will this cost me?

Our course fee for our 4-hour Asbestos Awareness course is $260 per person or $165 funded. If you are enquiring for a large group of people, please call us to request an accurate quote.

Can I get funding?

Potentially you may be eligible for funding by the Training Funding Authority. When it comes to eligibility the main requirement is, “do you do 80% or more of your working in the ACT?” If yes, we can organise this for you just let us know!

What you'll Learn

Working with Asbestos Containing Materials course is designed and mandatory for anyone who is likely to work with materials containing harmful asbestos fibres. This course teachers you the key knowledge and skills required to assist in identifying asbestos and minimising personal exposure.

Dates & Fees

For information on course commencement dates and course fees, contact your relevant state office. For information on VET FEE-HELP qualifications, click here.

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