Building and Construction Courses

Why Study Building and Construction Courses with CTi?

Construction is one of Australia's largest industries. Growth in residential, commercial and civil construction is almost guaranteed as Australia's increased population drives demand for infrastructure and housing. Are you ready to take advantage of these opportunities? Make sure you have the right training and qualifications to build your future and enrol in a CTI Building and Construction course.


Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)

As you move through the construction ranks, you'll need the ability to oversee work critically and...
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Diploma of building and construction


Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)

The construction industry isn't all about the tools and materials. Learn the basics of management...
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Advanced diploma of building and construction


Certificate I in Construction

Every great career needs an equally great launching pad - highlighting the true value of the...
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Certificate 1 in Construction


Certificate III in Carpentry [Assessment Only]

Carpentry is a career that demands a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity. However, it...
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Certificate III in carpentry


Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing [Assessment Only]

Waterproofing against the tough Australian elements are important skills in the construction...
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Certificate III in Construction waterproofing


Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling [Assessment Only]

This qualification is issued on assessment only. You are, and have been, working in building and...
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Certificate III in wall and floor tiling


Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying [Assessment Only]

This qualification is issued on assessment only. You are, and have been, working in building and...
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Certificate III in Bricklaying
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