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Will my CTI qualification help me to get a job/promotion?

Capital Training Institute’s (CTI) courses have been carefully developed in consultation with industry bodies and experts.
Students and participants who complete a qualification with Capital Training Institute receive a set of career-relevant practical skills that are highly valuable to employers and help differentiate them from other candidates on the job market.
If you have any questions regarding our courses, please contact Capital Training Institute on AUSenquiries@ctiaustralia.edu.au or call 1300 1300 CTI EDU.

I am on a disability pension and would like to take on further study. What are my entitlements? Who should I contact?

You may be eligible for assistance through Centrelink and the Pensioner Education Supplement or ABSTUDY Pensioner Education Supplement.

Applications for assistance are assessed by Centrelink, and therefore any prospective student or participant should contact Centrelink office to discuss eligibility.

This program is administered to Centrelink and more information and contact details can be found on the Human Services website:

I want to book more than one course. Can I get a discount?

Capital Training Institute (CTI) offers students and participants the opportunity to save on fees by offering ‘bundle’ and ‘package’ courses.

These courses will typically combine one or more qualifications into a single program, but still maintain the integrity and learning outcomes of each qualification. This allows us to offer a discounted price on these combined qualifications.

For more information on payment options, please contact CTI on AUSenquiries@ctiaustralia.edu.au or call 1300 1300 CTI EDU

What do my Capital Training Institute fees cover?

Your course fee covers the cost of tuition, class handouts and most other essential teaching materials. It also covers access to our WIFI network, and some printing. The tuition fee does not cover text books.

How is my Capital Training Institute course delivered?

Most Capital Training Institute  courses are delivered in a class room. In addition, Capital Training Institute has an Intranet for students to access as part of their course. Specialist courses such as Security and Fitness have some of their classes delivered in a gymnasium.

Students who apply for RPL will work at their own pace, out of class and meet with their assessor (a trainer who is a specialist in RPL) on a regular basis.

I need to brush up on my study skills. What can I do?

Capital Training Institute courses allow for students to study at a reasonable pace without too much pressure. Many students benefit from taking the opportunity to meet with their trainer and discuss any problems with study and getting work completed. Capital Training Institute is here to help you achieve your goals (we won’t do the work for you, but will assist and encourage you to achieve your goals). Remember, some students take longer than others to complete a course.

I haven't studied for a while; where should I start?

Contact CTI to make a time to meet with one of our helpful staff and discuss a study path that suits your needs and aspirations.

For more information refer to the following link. Click on the course title for specific course and study options:

I'm not sure what course to take. Can you help?

Capital Training Institute can provide you with the opportunity to meet and talk to one of their Training Coordinators. If you are a student we can arrange for the Training Coordinators to meet with you and your Careers Advisor.
For more information refer to the following link. Click on the course title for specific course details:

What kind of student support does Capital Training Institute offer?

CTI offers support to students by providing:

  • Flexible delivery times
  • Blending learning
  • Catch up classes Language
  • Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) support
  • Opportunities to meet with CTI staff to discuss training/course issues
  • Mentoring
  • Flexible payment plans

For more information refer to the following link: http://www.ctiaustralia.edu.au/community

What are CPD points?

CPD or Continuing Professional Development is a requirement for some professional and trades people to maintain their registration or licence. It usually works on a points per calendar year. Points are acquired by doing such things as attending courses, seminars, conferences and undertaking research. It is a means by which people maintain their knowledge and skills related to their profession or trade.
Capital Training Institute courses and qualifications can count towards CPD points.
For more information refer to the following link:

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