What is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)?

Registered Training Organisations (RTO) are providers of courses endorsed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). RTO’s are also accredited to assess participants against each course’s criteria and, as a result, the qualifications they issue are nationally recognised.

Capital Training Institute (CTI) is one of Australia's largest and most trusted independently owned Registered Training Organisations (RTO).

What are the advantages of online learning?

The Internet has spurred huge changes in the way we learn. The days of hefty textbooks, endless trips to the library and piles of notes are drawing to a close as online platforms offer

  • Faster and more effective ways of gaining knowledge.
  • More comfortable learning environment
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Avoid commuting 
Are workshops, lectures and tutorials compulsory?

For all qualifications attendance is mandatory, which includes workshops, lectures and tutorials. If a student has an unexpected, unplanned or unavoidable absence, they must contact CTI as soon as possible to arrange an alternative to any training that may be missed. For more information please refer to our Student Manual at https://issuu.com/ctiaustralia/docs/student_manual_2015_lq/1?e=10413670/15279501

What are the benefits of employee training and development?

Training and developing an employee is highly beneficial to both the employer and the worker. Investing time and energy in your employees shows a precious level of dedication and trust that can only benefit the company as a whole. The increased job satisfaction and morale among employees can result in better customer service, and better efficiencies in processes.

The company therefore reduces its employee turnover, and achieves better work safety practices and productivity improvements. On the other hands, employees acquire new skills, increasing their contribution to the business and building their own self-esteem.

What is vocational education and training (VET)?

Designed to deliver workplace-specific skills and knowledge, vocational education and training (VET) covers a wide range of careers and industries, including Building & Construction, Business, Work Health & Safety, and Hospitality.

VET offers a range of nationally recognised qualifications, from certificates that can be completed in a relatively short time to advanced diplomas that generally require around two years.

VET provides the skills to help people to:

  • Join the workforce for the first time.
  • Re-join the workforce after a break.
  • Upgrade skills in their chosen field.
  • Move into a different career.
How long does it take to finish a course? (Include Bachelors, Diplomas, Certificate 3…etc.)

Course duration for a Diploma from Capital Training Institute consists of 44 weekly workshops.

Course duration for most Certificates from Capital Training Institute consists of 30 weekly workshops. Certain certificates like the Certificate III in Business Administration last 44 weeks with 2 workshops per week.

For more information visit the course you are interested in: http://www.ctiaustralia.edu.au/courses

How many courses can I study at once?

While there is technically no limit to how many courses can be studied at once, it is recommended that students only participate in one qualification at a time. In addition, some qualifications may have pre-requisites that require you to complete other courses before being eligible (eg. students must complete a Certificate IV in Building and Construction before entering the Diploma of Building and Construction). For more information on our courses visithttp://www.ctiaustralia.edu.au/courses

Can I transfer from Capital Training Institute to an Australian university? Will the training I've done at Capital Training Institute be recognised?

Upon successful completion of a Capital Training Institute certificate, you could progress to further study at another institution with advanced standing or gain direct university articulation to one of our partner Universities

Do I need to show that I am proficient in English?

All students will be required to complete a Language Literacy and Numeracy survey (LLN) prior to course commencement. This ensures they meet the LLN level required in order to participate fully in the Qualification or, to identify short comings such that appropriate assistance may be provided. For more information please refer to our Student Manual at https://issuu.com/ctiaustralia/docs/student_manual_2015_lq/1?e=10413670/15279501

I have previously studied at Capital Training Institute but took a break before I can finish my degree. Will I have to start all over again?

Your past studies with Capital Training Institute could still provide up to a year of course credit should you decide to return to further study and upskill to advance your career. After all, it’s never too late to learn.

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