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Improve your employability and advance in your current profession with Capital Training Institute. 

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Why Capital Training Institute?

Learn from experts

As a leading private training provider in Australia, we only use highly qualified educators with the required qualifications and real-world experience. 

Decades of experience

We have advanced hunderds of students’ careers through training produced in collaboration with the Australian Department of Education, Skills, and Employment. 

Nationally recognised

Our Nationally Recognised courses give students the expertise required to gain employment and start businesses as professionals. 

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Building & Construction

Lay the foundations of a career in the construction industry. Build hands-on practical skills sought-after by the building and construction industry. 


Develop the necessary business skills and attributes that are highly valued by employers in a range of business and entreprenurial disciplines. 


Make a difference in the lives of those in need, contribute to Australia’s rapidly expanding healthcare workforce in a variety of specialisations. 


Providing Industry-Made Training

Capital Training Institute (CTI) is a national vocational education training organisation with 9 years of experience enabling students to reach their career goals. Our dedicated trainers have advanced hundreds of students’ careers through nationally recognised training produced in collaboration with the Australian Department of Education, Skills, and Employment.

We are proudly one of Australia’s industry leaders in delivering construction, healthcare, and business – training students from the Australian Capital TerritoryNew South Wales, and Queensland. We are one of the very few RTO’s in Australia authorised to deliver accelerated construction training.

Students study with CTI to improve themselves and their careers. They leave CTI job-ready and fully accredited, no matter where they choose to work across Australia.

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