Capital Training Institute has developed its reputation on 9 years of empowering students to reach their career goals. We have advanced hundreds of students’ careers through nationally recognised training produced in collaboration with the Australian Department of Education, Skills, and Employment.

We actively train students across the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia. Our qualifications specialise in construction, healthcare, and business.

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Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Capital Training Institute (CTI) is a Registered Training Organisation. Registered Training Organisations (RTO) are providers of nationally recognised qualifications endorsed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

ASQA ensures the quality of vocational education and training services throughout Australia.

This means that CTI’s courses have been assessed by ASQA against the Standards for Registered Training Organisations  (RTOs) 2015.

All nationally recognised qualifications, such as CTI’s, can be found at database. RTO’s are also listed in the database as accredited providers of each course.


Our Vision

The benchmark in terms of Australia’s privately owned Registered Training Organisations.


Our Mission

To deliver up to date, quality vocational educational services.


Our Objectives

The objectives for the life of this plan:

Growth: establish a learning campus within the capital city of each state and territory in Australia.

Training: provide high-quality, inclusive training experiences that generate lifelong-learning partnerships and add value to participants’ and their colleagues’ career options.

Participants: enhance the learning experience of participants by ensuring accessible support and services that are timely, industry outcome-focused and representative of the requirements of all stakeholders, taking account of language and numeracy abilities, learning styles, cultural, beliefs and gender considerations.

Staff: attract, recruit and professionally-develop a high-quality, motivated human resource capability as potential stakeholders in the organisation’s quest for excellence. Provide opportunities for personal and professional development for existing human resources.

Partnerships: develop long-term partnerships with suitable organisations and institutions where the possibility exists for ‘win-win’ commercial and business synergies.

Continuous Improvement: ensure our systems, policies and procedures are continuously evolved and improved through rigorous processes of audit, moderation and validation.


Our Core Values

We will conduct all our activities pursuant to the following values and principles:

Innovation: we promote and encourage innovation as a pathway to developing new policies, ideas and practice methods.

Professionalism: we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do.

Respectfulness: we value, support and respect all who do business with us.

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