Capital Training Institute has always been dedicated to providing tradies with only the best options when it comes to studying. This is why, over the last couple of years we have been running our online virtual classrooms where students are able to opt out of the traditional classroom settings, in favour of a live-streamed alternative.

Location is important, we understand that we are not able to reach all of our students nationally through our physical campuses. This is why we have invested heavily in ensuring that our live-streamed classes are the most optimised around, with the ability to access our classes software anywhere in Australia, from rural areas to populated cities.

Since 2007 we have been helping experienced tradies take the next step up in their careers. The goals of our courses are to get you ready to start your own business or to simply fill all the educational requirements needed to apply for your Builders, Supervisor or Project Managers licence.

See below a current list of virtual courses available to you. We have an experienced team of learning consultant that are ready, and happy to run you through the various course details involved.


If you are wanting to enrol in one of our accelerated courses, or if you are looking to find out a bit more information. Please feel free to contact our learning consultant team at 1300 284 277.




The Building and Construction industry is incredibly busy and demanding with many dedicated people around Australia devoting their full-time work life to it. We understand this and as such, have created a course specifically for you. Each of our B&C courses have been accelerated. What this means is that our courses have been designed to cut out the basic skills learnt on the jobsite and to instead focus on the supervisory and managerial side of the course, this means that prior to enrolling we need to look at your past experience and work history to determine if you will be able to continue with this course. In doing this we able to create a class environment where everyone has similar experience and is eager to smash through the course as a team with only a four hour class ONE night of the week!


As you are aware not everyone is built to study online. “Just like me, I prefer a classroom option as it is more about headspace and having a trainer encouraging me than anything else. This is surprisingly why I love our virtual classrooms because you still have that responsibility and encouragement of a normal class however you are in the comfort of your home or office.” – Dylan Browning

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