At Capital Training Institute, one of our key objectives is to “develop long-term partnerships with suitable organisations”. We believe these partnerships need to exist on many levels, however most importantly, we see the need to integrate with our local community, building relationships that are mutually beneficial.
CTI helps to up-skill individuals and the community as a whole, providing the opportunity for professional development with a Nationally Recognised Qualification.
CTI recognises the important link with both our past, present, and future students. For those yet to study with us, it is our hope to highlight the benefits we can provide you with should you want to: kick-start your career, help with a career change, or simply formalise your work experience.
Our past students are our ‘voice’ in the community; highlighting the effect Capital Training Institute has had on their professional careers. It is these students who tell the greater community who we are and how we can help them. No matter the stage of your “CTI lifecycle”, we can continue to help you with your professional career. For more information contact us today on 1300 284 277.

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