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Struggle to study? Five unique tips to keep you on track

Learning is at the very core of what it is to progress and develop as a person. However, the traditional studying methods of sitting down, opening that textbook, and reading away the next few hours of your life can often be tedious.

Ultimately, the conventional learning approaches can be counter-productive as not only do you not look forward to studying, but it also means that you are likely to  turn on auto-pilot and simply not take anything in.

If you're struggling to come up with new and exciting ways to engage with your studies, these five tips can help:

Keep the key points on hand

Pouring through everything on your reading list cover to cover is not exactly a desirable task. A simple way to combat the fatigue of all that reading is to make simple and concise notes on cue cards and keep these with you at all times.

This way, rather than spending any downtime aimlessly staring at your phone or tablet, you can refer to these cards and make sure those really key points are being reinforced into your brain.

Mix up your locations

If you have the typical desk and office chair set up that you dread going near to study, mixing up locations can really be beneficial. Whether you head to a quiet area of the local park or are happy to sit in a coffee shop, changing your surroundings can be beneficial if you're struggling to stay motivated when you try to study in one drab place.

Maintain your wellbeing

Focussing can be incredibly difficult if you really feel like you're forcing it. Tired? Take a nap. Want some food? Go and get some. Need some fresh air? Head outside and walk around. If you keep your sense of wellbeing in a better place in general, you may find that studying isn't such a chore after all.

Use your friends

Many people dislike studying because it's a time when they are forced to be on their own. If you simply can't be away from social interaction without feeling like something is missing, use your friends to test you or simply just to talk with them about your studies. This can help you better understand that you shouldn't have to suffer in silence and be secluded away from your normal routine.

Remember why you're doing it

If you're studying for a career change - or simply want to add qualifications and competencies to your CV - remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel of hard work. Keep in mind that you're not only bettering yourself, but your job prospects will likely improve, too.

Knuckling down to study can be a struggle at the best of times. If you really feel like you've hit a brick wall, keeping the key facts on hand, changing your surroundings and engaging with your peers and friends could really help you connect with your studies.

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