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Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction


CPC60212 Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)

Why study our course?

Whether you are looking to take the next step towards improving your career or following the pathway to potentially apply for your high-rise licence, the CPC60212 Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction is the qualification you want and need. Our accelerated CPC60212 Diploma of Building and Construction Management course is designed to use your existing knowledge and experience that you have gained over the years whilst working in the building and construction industry; this means you will be able to complete your qualification at an accelerated rate.

It could be your educational requirement for your builders’ licence or your next step towards a higher level construction position.

We recognise your previous work experiences with our accelerated training. To build a greater understanding of how to manage a high rise construction build; whilst also expanding your understanding of your legal and administrative duties.

What will you learn with this course?

Our CPC60212 Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction course will equip you with the skills required to become a builder or construction manager. This course has been designed by leading industry professionals and is continually updated with relevant industry protocols to ensure students are job-ready after completion.

Over the course of 20 weeks, you’ll attend a workshop one night a week and undertake self-study and assessment. All classes are delivered between the hours of 5 pm and 9 pm to ensure all students can attend class and maintain a proper study and work balance. Units that will be covered include developing and implementing business plans, managing tender developments, applying building codes and standards, and assessing construction faults in large building projects.


20 weeks. Workshops 1 night a week plus self study and assessment, all classes are after work hours (5-9pm AEST)

Entry Requirements:

Accelerated Program
  • To enrol students must have significant building and construction experience or 12 months post trade certificate experience.
  • Demonstrate a satisfactory level of Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) abilities.
  • Must have a laptop or computer available.

Thinking about kickstarting your career in construction management?

If you have any questions about CPC60212 Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction you can call us on 1300 284 277 or email us at and one of our learning consultants will be in touch shortly.

Unit Code

Unit Description

BSBRSK501 Manage risk
BSBMGT617 Develop and implement a business plan
CPCCBC6006A Manage the procurement and acquisition of resources for building or construction projects
CPCCBC6005A Manage tender developments for major projects
BSBOHS603B Analyse and evaluate OHS risk
CPCCBC6003A Establish, maintain and review contract administration procedures and frameworks
CPCCBC6001B Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for large building projects
CPCCBC6018A Manage processes for complying with legal obligations of a building or construction contractor
CPCCBC6014A Apply structural principles to the construction of large, high rise and complex buildings
CPCCBC6016A Assess construction faults in large building projects

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Fees and Funding

  • Fee for Service (FFS): $5,420
  • Training Fund Authority (ACT): $3,220

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