How Much Does an Average Builder Make In a Year?

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Are you planning on taking your career to the next level? To register for higher-paying jobs, workers often need the role’s relevant certificate or diploma.

If you’re not sure how much employers are paying for these jobs, or how to qualify for the role, then this blog is a great place to start.


According to PayScale, the average salary for builders is $76,883 p.a.1

These wages are usually be affected by the builder’s experience and day to day tasks. A builder’s responsibilities can range from manual labour to coordinating a building site to managing entire projects. 2

Builders may also organise contractors, ‘including carpenters, electricians and plumbers, as well as undertaking some building work personally’2.

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$76,883 p.a.
Average Salary1

How to Become a Builder in Australia

In Australia, you will need to hold a Builder’s licence or be registered before you can sign off on work that is done on-site. Each state has different requirements for its builder’s licence, ‘but typically require a qualification, such as a Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) (CPC40110), as well as on-the-job experience’.2

To find out how you can get a builder’s licence in your state, check out our complete state-by-state licencing guide. We also have a more detailed version for New South Wales licencing in a recent blog. However, you’ll still ‘need to confirm the specific education and experience requirements with the relevant licensing body in your state’2.

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Building Supervisor

The most common salary for a building supervisor is $103,000 p.a.3

Building supervisors may manage ‘multiple jobs at any one time…Every building work contractor, individual or company, must have a registered building work supervisor to properly supervise their work and ensure that it meets required standards.’3

Supervising includes:

  • ‘Coordinating staff, contractors and materials to ensure targets on projects are met.
  • Preparing and administering council applications and building contracts.
  • Supervising internal employees and monitoring subcontractors.’3
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$103,000 p.a.
Average Salary3

How to Become a Building Supervisor

To work as a Building Supervisor, the most common pathway is to have practical experience and then complete a further qualification.

The first step is to complete a Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) CPC40110 or Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Site Management) CPC40508. 3

You’ll then need to ‘Apply for registration as a Building Work Supervisor (plumbers and electricians often do not need to as their professional registration covers them as a building work supervisor). Applicants must supply copies of relevant trade certificates, technical qualifications or evidence of experience, and may be required to attend an interview to assess their relevant experience and technical skills.’ 3

You can also continue studying or step into consulting or management.

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Construction Project Manager

The most common salary for construction project managers is $130,000 p.a.4

These managers use their skills in communication, analytics, budgeting, and leadership to plan and manage construction projects. 4

‘Construction Project Managers specialise in managing key activities involved in construction projects, including booking surveyors and technical personnel, hiring equipment, ordering materials and checking plans, as well managing operational plans, people and budgets.’4

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$130,000 p.a.
Average Salary4

How to Become a Construction Project Manager

All construction project managers in Australia need to be registered with the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS).

Before you register, you will need to ‘complete a qualification in Construction Project Management from an accredited provider. This could be an Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (CPC60212), Graduate Diploma of Construction Management, or a Bachelor degree majoring in Construction Management.’4

Additionally, the ABLIS also requires that workers have at least 2 years of practical experience. When you apply, ‘complete the application with details of your training, professional memberships, business operations and samples of work, and insurance’.4

You will also need to renew this ABLIS licencing every 12 months to keep working as a construction project manager.4

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