What Can You Do With a Leadership and Management Qualification?

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In the last blog, we discussed our two latest national qualifications CTI is running:

Both qualifications provide you with specialised leadership and management skills. These skills can help you make informed decisions wherever you choose to work.1

But what career doors do these qualifications open?

This blog will explore the daily tasks of different leadership and management jobs. We chose these jobs from the possible career outcomes listed on SEEK.com, a job search website.

Do you need a qualification to work in leadership or management?

Each job posting will have different requirements to apply. In some leadership and management roles, a formal qualification is not needed. A leadership or management qualification equips you with relevant theoretical and technical skills. These skills can help you stand out from other applicants.

For example, let’s say you want to be a customer service manager. SEEK suggests that job seekers interested in this role complete one of the following:

  1. ‘Consider completing a Certificate IV in Customer Engagement (BSB40315). This course will develop your skills to respond to complex customer requests or complaints.
  2. Alternatively, the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management [BSB40520] will prepare you for leadership positions in the workplace.
  3. The Diploma of Leadership and Management [BSB50420] will teach you how to manage projects and develop team plans to meet expected outcomes.’3

The latest versions of the Certificate IV and Diploma of Leadership and Management have a range of career outcomes. The table below shows possible career outcomes for the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (BSB40520) and the Diploma of Leadership & Management (BSB50420), according to SEEK.com.au.

Potential Job OutcomeRelated Qualification(s)Most common salary
Retail Store Manager

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (BSB40520) and

Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB50420)

Customer Service Manager

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (BSB40520) and

Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB50420)

BartenderCertificate IV in Leadership and Management (BSB40520)$60,000
Centre Team LeaderCertificate IV in Leadership and Management (BSB40520)$70,000

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (BSB40520) and

Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB50420)



Let’s cover what some of these job titles means and the day-to-day tasks you can expect.

A retail manager opens up a shop
A retail manager opens up a shop

Retail Store Manager

Most common salary: $55,000

A Retail Store Manager runs the daily operations of a department or retail store. Day to day tasks include:

  • Managing store inventory.
  • Implementing promotions.
  • Hiring and training new employees.
  • Assisting with customer returns.
  • Overseeing the store.4
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$55,000 p.a.

For a video perspective, you can check out this video interview with a Retail Store Manager.  WorkBC’s Career Trek interviewed Sam Baio, the retail manager for Valhalla Pure Outfitters.

Sam noted that being a store manager also means being a customer service professional. There are also manager jobs that specialise further in customer service

Customer Service Manager

Most common salary: $80,000

Customer Service Managers maintain and run the customer service operations of a business.  This involves ‘communicating with customers either via phone, email or face-to-face (about) a product or service, plus potentially overseeing a team of Customer Service agents’.7

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$80,000 p.a.

Here is a review of the job by a SEEK user who specialised in solar.

‘It’s a great opportunity if you are a people person and are good at communicating as well as like to solve problems. You must have (the) patience to deal with problems as sometimes you might even have to work on the weekends if it’s a small family-owned company role.

This role is mainly based on customer interaction and there will always be complaints. Be prepared and have the patience to smile and not let these things affect your personal life.’6

Office workers walking and talking
Office workers walking and talking

Office Manager

Most common salary: $70,000

Office managers are an essential part of an organisation. They ‘are usually organised, detail-focused individuals with excellent time management skills.’ 8

‘Organisations that employ Office Managers include hospitals, schools, universities, government, small business and financial organisations.’8

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$70,000 p.a.

Typical tasks include:

  • Managing budgets.
  • Overseeing staff, and training.
  • Developing the business’ records, accounts, and other systems.8

One SEEK user said that ‘Office administration is a good field of work for working mothers who need flexibility in their role,’ such as the ability to work from home. However, they also mentioned that office managers ‘need to reply and action things outside of designated hours’.8

Centre Team Leader

Most common salary: $80,000

Team Leader is a very broad job description, and Centre Team Leader is no exception. Jobs listed on SEEK for Centre Team Leaders include call centres, childcare, and banks.9

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But across all these industries, Team Leaders ‘oversee the performance of a team, including delegation, rewards and coaching…If a team is like an orchestra, then a Team Leader is like the conductor.’10

A SEEK user enjoyed the ability to ‘support direct support workers day to day in a Team Leader role. [It] gives me great satisfaction. Team Leading involves being a mentor and coach guiding new to industry workers, and with experienced staff listening and debriefing their day, with all workers understanding the demands of the work…Leading the team draws on skills and talents that don’t stop evolving.’10

A confident business worker
A confident business worker

Enhancing your current career

A majority of businesses and organisations have roles in leadership and management. Whether it is an office, a cafe, pr a theme park, most organisations have plans that need strong leaders and managers to achieve.  Todd Palmer from production machining explains it this way:

‘In business, goals and objectives need to be reached. Often, it is the leader who sets the vision of those goals and the manager who leads the team to accomplish the tasks required to attain those goals…Most of us when we are starting out have to wear the leader hat one moment and the manager hat the next moment.’11

We also noticed that businesses need workers with both leadership and management skills. To meet this need, we are equipping students with the latest national qualifications in the field.


The demand for skilled leaders and managers is on the rise in Australia. Because of this, you can learn the skills needed for both roles in our two latest qualifications:

This blog has explored a few of the possible career outcomes for these nationally recognised qualifications.

If you are not sure how leadership and management differ, you can check out our last blog here. If you have any questions about the qualifications we offer, you can send us an enquiry at the end of this blog. In this enquiry, you can request a course brochure or information pack. One of our learning consultant’s will get in touch, send the brochure, and answer any questions.

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