What is RPL and how does it work?

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How to Turn Your Experience into a Qualification

If you’re about to step into a new qualification, make sure to check what skills and work experience you already have. Since we offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), you may be able to reduce the time needed to complete the course. You may even be able to earn your qualification without studying.1

RPL is the process of assessing your current skills, knowledge, and experience ‘—acquired through formal and informal learning—to determine if you meet the requirements for a unit of study.’ 2

Your experience is assessed against the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to assess whether you meet the criteria for a qualification or a unit of competency (AKA, a subject). RPL is a national, industry-supported method of achieving a qualification if you are truly experienced in the course’s field.

Am I Eligible to Begin the RPL Process?

The RPL process can only be completed by students with the correct amount of relevant experience, regardless of how or where they gained this experience. For example, to begin the RPL process for our Building and Construction courses, you need to currently be employed in the Building and Construction Industry and have 2-3 years of continuous, full-time experience in the field.

Additionally, to apply for an RPL qualification, you will need to be able to tick the boxes below:

  • The ability to demonstrate skills, knowledge, and experience in your field.
  • Evidence of employment and proof of experience documents.
  • Photo/Video evidence.
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What Qualifications are available through RPL with CTI?

We currently offer the following qualifications through RPL:

How does RPL Process Work with CTI?

1. Complete the outlined enrolment steps

You’ll need to:

  • fill out our enrolment form,
  • provide your resume, and
  • complete our online LLN quiz. The links for the form and online quiz can be found in our info packs, which you can request at the end of this blog.

2. Complete an Assessor Eligibility Call ($100 Skills Assessment Fee)

We then organise a one-hour meeting for you and one of our professional skills assessors. The $100 fee covers the cost of the assessor for the hour, as well as their report.

3. Official Enrolment (including deposit)

If the assessor approves, we will enrol you in the RPL course. You will need to pay a deposit of the course’s fees at this point. If you are not sure how the fee process works or the payment plans offered, feel free to enquire at the end of this blog.

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4. Gathering evidence

You will then need to gather the relevant evidence to meet the ASQA requirements. The documents expected include:

  • Work history.
  • Photo/video evidence.
  • Proof of experience documents (e.g., procedures and contracts).
  • Evidence of employment or company ownership.

5. Competency Call with the trainer

One of our trainers for the relevant qualification will contact you for an interview. The trainer will be aiming to understand your work experience, the skills you have gained, and how you have solved problems in the workplace. They then compare your responses and the evidence you have provided against the ASQA requirements for each of the relevant units.

6. On-site assessment (if required)

For some situations or qualifications, the trainer may require you to complete an assessment on-site or on campus. You may complete this assessment with either the trainer’s supervision or a video recording, depending on the type of assessment.

7. Gap Training (if required)

At this point in the RPL process, their trainer may have identified some units in your qualification that you do not meet the requirements for. If you want to earn the full qualification, you will need to complete these units. Since CTI already delivers building and construction courses, there’s a high chance you will be able to complete those additional units with us. And, since our trainers and assessors have approved your RPL process, you will not be wasting time waiting for approval from another training organisation.

8. Completion of RPL and issuance of the Certificate/Diploma

Upon completing the RPL process, we will send you an RPL Assessment Report. This report outlines what units or electives you have obtained credit for, as well as which units you will need to complete to earn the full qualfication3.

If you have completed all the relevant units for a qualification, we will send you the Certificate or Diploma. This qualification is fully accredited and nationally recognised, no matter where you choose to work in Australia.

Need More Info?

If you are not sure how this process would apply to your situation, or if you have further questions, feel free to send us an enquiry form below. One of our experienced learning consultants will happily get in contact, answer any questions you may have, provide you with the relevant info packs, and discuss your study options.

We’ll help you take the next step as a building and construction professional.

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