Exceptional Study Experience

Your studies and career goals are our highest priorities. We understand that every student’s journey is different, and we provide the very best resources to support you every step of the way.

Specialised Accelerated Courses

While we still offer public and online courses, some of our courses are only available for experienced industry veterans to accelerate their studies by recognising their work history.

For instance, our accelerated Certificate IV in Building and Construction course can only be completed by individuals with a minimum of 2-3 years of practical experience in the industry. When you sit down for class, you’re sitting among like-minded people that are eagerly awaiting to further their career and/or business.  An additional benefit of this course design is that it is fantastic for networking as all the students in the class are aiming for similar goals e.g. Builders Licence, Site Supervisor and more.

The way we can achieve this is accelerated course is by using your pre-existing knowledge and building upon it whilst also using 3rd party reports to validate your expertise. We also offer RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) courses to turn your years of experience into a full qualification.

Cutting-edge campuses

All our campuses across Australia have the latest industry equipment that’s being used by the workforce today. Our learning platforms and on-campus resources provide an unrivalled learning experience.

Experienced Trainers & Personalised Support

Our trainers either have worked or are working in the industry. They have years of experience in their field and are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the help you deserve.

Engaged, Inclusive Learning

We are proud to provide a safe, respectful, and engaging learning environment for all students of all backgrounds. You’ll be getting in-demand qualifications in an environment that actively supports your personal development.

Flexible Hours

We have courses available in-campus or online to better suit your needs. Some of our courses are also offered outside of work hours, so you can maintain a healthy work-study balance.

Funding Available

We are a Commonwealth Government approved VET FEE-HELP provider with access to state funding programs. Even if you couldn’t normally afford a qualification, with funding and payment plans to support you, you can still reach your study goals.

We are a nationally recognised & registered training organised that has been approved to deliver state funding programs in:

QLD – Certificate III Guarantee Program & Higher Level Skills Funding

NSW – Smart & Skilled Funding

ACT – Training Fund Authority & Skilled Capital

The benefit of having state support is that we can give individuals who would not traditionally be able to afford to study the opportunity to further themselves in the career they decide.

Highest Quality Education

Every Qualification is Nationally Recognised, Fully Accredited, and audited by the Commonwealth Government-regulated ASQA, under the VET Quality Framework.

When you study at Capital Training Institute, you know you are receiving quality-assured education in an inclusive, supportive learning environment designed to support your study experience and career goals.

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